What We Are About

An integrated production program, designed conceptually for the purpose of media arts. Our enrichment program created by Doc and Wilks Board of Directors connects our community, sharing common interests for the general public. Doc and Wilks has succeeded in combining antithetical types of art from across New England, such as: Motion Pictures, Graphic Novels, Internet Series, Live Stream Media and an excess of media and traditional art, as well as connect and support individuals, with corresponding goals. This entails us to enforce creative expression, the sharing of knowledge, and the economic needs for an artist, to continuously succeed, for the distribution of any type of art form to the community. We hope to energize and correspond with locals, to bring skills and trade to a broader spectrum, communicate ideas, stories, feeling and beauty to reflect culture and perhaps affect culture as well.


Mission Statement

Doc and Wilks wants freedom of expression and we love conceptualizing story concepts presented for media arts. Our affiliates are hand picked for the stuff that we love to see and do. Our mission is to bring forth an interactive medium for the community to enjoy for years and involve them in the story making process.




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