How We Started

Doc and Wilks Started with: Seth Marrotte and a cool fella named Garrett Wilkinson! We meet each other at our high school in art class and became friends pretty quickly. We shared the same dream for technology and art and kept talking about starting a small business selling custom computers. Flash forward, and a bunch of different life things later, and we are still friends. But our vision has changed into media productions (with the assistance of technology of course). We filmed live events, promotional videos, weddings, and made feature and short films. Garrett has and Associates Degree in Automotive Technology and Seth is attaining his Bachelors of Science in Digital Cinematography.

The Goal

After a few years of working on films with people in the area, we have a new master plan! That is to travel the country and make 2 feature films EVERY year. Each film taking place in a different state! At the same time, we want to release documentaries about the state, the people we interacted with and the landscape of the state. The films will be your standard movie, but we want to share with you what equipment we are using and how we are doing during the process.



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