Doc and Wilks Board Meeting 11/11/18

Doc and Wilks just had one of our most major Board Meetings of the year! It lasted an overall 6 hours and we have a lot of interesting discussions and broke down many details. With 9 attendees everyone had a lot to say in regards to Doc and Wilks. Those discussions entailed:

1. New Community based series to be announced in August of 2019

2. Major restructure of all the Brands of Doc and Wilks. Bare with us as we streamline your experience. This should all be restructured in January of 2019.

3. A Restructure of our 2019 Operating Agreement and updated policies to protect everyone working for Doc and Wilks and watching any content created by Doc and Wilks, its brands and affiliates.

4. We would like to welcome: Adam Chaffee of “Semper Fi Streaming” as our new Brand Director of T H Pictures TV: Gaming!

5. We would also like to welcome: Kurk Marrotte, who ran “A Comic Studios” and was accepted into Doc and Wilks with “A Comic Studios” being our new 4th Brand of Doc and Wilks!

We have gotten a lot of great ideas and suggestions. We can’t thank you all enough for the support! Later in the upcoming month, we will be doing some charity work and wish that all of you can be a part of that! We are very excited to be announcing this stuff and hope to hear from all of you!

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