Doc and Wilks in 2019

I believe this is a good time and reflect on what 2018 had to offer for me personally and for the Doc and Wilks community. First off everyone involved in everything we were doing is awesome! Without all of you, we could not acomplish the things that we did. We made a second feature film, completely re-organized to become more efficient and open up different avenues for services that we offer.

Feature Films

2018 came with the feature film “Woken Terror” Written and Directed by Jeremy Farnsworth, who did an exceptional job at conceptualizing story with visual and stylized cinematography. A lot of learning curves came with that film, but in the end everyone came together to make something that we can enjoy. The best thing about this, is the fact that making a feature film can be extremely expensive and time consuming, but we made it better than our first film and in less time, which is truly unbelievable.


As we continued we started the new brand: “T H Pictures TV” along with Adam Chaffee of “Semper Fi¬†Streaming” as the head of the brand. He is doing a wonderful job at creating and developing it to what it can be, by seeing the vision forthe future. With this brand, we hope to connect the streaming communities together and help build everyone to sustain on these platforms. T H Pictures TV is our main project as we continue to grow it to its full potential.

Other Ideas

The learning curves that we have ran into are both positive and negative. Personally I have learned from both in order to make things run smoother in the future for Doc and Wilks, it’s affiliates and the people who make it happen! As we grow, I hope you jump on board with us as we change throughout the year and develop new ideas, new skills and join in with new people. 2019 is going to be the year that everything will come up Millhouse!

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