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Doc and Wilks has just released It’s new program. A “Streamers” tab has just been added to the top menu of Doc and Wilks website. We are very excited to announce our new program is in action and available to the public. Thanks to the support from Semper Fi Streaming, we are opening opportunities for the streaming community.

Our new program, gives new and old streamers the ability to be sponsored, promoted and utilized as we generate more traffic to your platform. We can sponsor “Giveaways” and sell merchandise for you, while giving options that other cannot.

We are very proud of our enrichment program giving us the flexibility and control over what we are accomplishing. The ultimate goal of: Connecting communities across the world with media art. We hope you enjoy the new program that is now established and hope you will join us in building an empire in the streaming community.

  • Seth Marrotte (Board of Director)

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