Live Recording and Editing

As of March 22, 2018, Doc and Wilks has now announced the launched of our new Live Recording and Editing plan. This enables you to have the ability to create high quality videos for your event. Whether it would be a wedding, concert, party, or other types of event that you may think of; we can help you with what you need. Apart from other live recording companies, editing through Doc and Wilks is 100% free! You can also receive 1-3 copies for free (depending on the plan that you choose).
We are excited to announce this program for the community to use and bring us one step closer to our goal of connecting communities with each other through the use of technology, art and media. Our hope is for the people living in the New England area to be connected with people around the world and help with growing Doc and Wilks.
Doc and Wilks hopes to gain the trust and responsibility of the public, for the needs of the community to continue growing. So far we have exceeded expectations of community support and hope to continue doing what we love to do and prosper Doc and Wilks into what is intended for it, which include helping the community, growing businesses and supporting schools.
Included with our new Live Recording plan, some organizations may be able to use our services for FREE. if you have questions or to see if your organization is eligible to use our free service, feel free to contact us.

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