Doc and Wilks in 2019

I believe this is a good time and reflect on what 2018 had to offer for me personally and for the Doc and Wilks community. First off everyone involved in everything we were doing is awesome! Without all of you, we could not acomplish the things that we did. We made a second feature film,

New Distribution, Facilities and Site

Distribution Doc and Wilks has officially switched to a new facility for the purpose of distribution. As of today (August 1, 2018) we have began production for the distribution of our films. You can buy the film at our newly designed and mobile friendly site We will be shipping next week (August 6, 2018).

New Internships

Doc and Wilks is gearing up to start creating new Internship positions! One of the recurring themes in any entry level job search is the lack of experience factor. “Where do I get experience if no one is willing to hire me?” The answer is simple: Get an internship! An internship offers you the chance to learn