Join Our Mission

Doc and Wilks believes in communication with art. Streamers and content creators are the core of the internet and technology is making it easier to communicate ideas and build communities within the online world. Whether it is on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live or any other service you use. We have a huge driving force behind us that makes us unreachable from any other. Our craftsmanship and dedication to supporting your vision is what we are here for. Join us as we build an empire in the content creating community!

Grow Your Name

Whether you are new, or you have been doing content creation for years, Doc and Wilks can help at any level you are at. We are successful in our “out of the box” style of thinking and will go the extra mile. Our ability and technique with creation in the media arts drives our ambitions. We love seeing content and cant get enough of it.



The 20% you put into Doc and Wilks is invested into Doc and Wilks and you will be able to utilize the programs issued here. Being a Doc and Wilks creator gives you the ability to control how Doc and Wilks is ran. You have the ability to steer Doc and Wiks’ beliefs and be the change that you want. Even If you make no money now, You can still use all of these features under the Doc and Wilks Content Creator Program.