Weddings, Concerts, Plays and more. Here at Doc and Wilks, we understand the value that you have the the emotion and memory of any event that you may hold. Keeping the memory is very important. We are here to capture that moment so you can view it later and experience it when it happens. We have experience in multi-camera editing and filming. Our team is dedicated to assisting with ANYTHING that may happen. You read that right! The team members at Doc and Wilks also have experience in coordination of thousands of people at a time. What ever you need, we can offer. Below are our estimated prices. We support video production in New Hampshire, parts of New York, parts of Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, parts of Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Here’s How it Works…

ALL PRICES ARE ESTIMATED! Keep in mind, that using one camera, is not recommended because of the fact that we can not capture everything.

The first step would be meeting you to see what the whole plan is.

For Weddings: we usually capture before the ceremony, everyone walking in and the setup of the ceremony. Then we jump into the Ceremony having three cameras on a tripod and a free camera getting closer shots. After we go to wherever the reception is taking place, and do the same, until just about the end of the night. Prices for wedding usually run from $600 – $900, but will not exceed. No hidden costs, you don’t pay for editing or the final copies.

For other events, see below for pricing. If you do not believe you fit in to the category below, contact us and we can go over what you want out of your recorded event.

One Camera: 1 Hour One Camera: 2 Hours One Camera: 4 Hours One Camera: 8-12 Hours
$300.00 $350.00 $460.00 $640.00
Four Cameras: 1 Hour Four Cameras: 2 Hours Four Cameras: 4 Hours Four Cameras: 8-12 Hours
$450.00 $650.00 $1,050.00 $1,290.00

We also offer 6 FREE DVD or 6 FREE Blu-rays and a Digital Copy

Prices are just estimated, contact us to get an estimate!

Set up a time

Example of live event recordings: