Doc & Wilks Education:

Doc & Wilks is eager to train and promote the sharing of knowledge. Educational Presentations are created through the Online platform of Doc and Wilks to ensure employees of D&W and contactors are on the same page and have the same knowledge. This is a completely optional feature for certain positions, however you can take the certificate you will receive to the workforce of Doc & Wilks and will have a better opportunity working within the business and elsewhere.


Programs Include:

  • Marketing for D&W
  • Web Development
  • Motion Picture Productions
  • Live Event: Recording and Editing
  • Social Media 


Programs are acquired and updated a lot for the newest information and the list changes.

The People That Built Doc & Wilks

Garrett Wilkinson, Co-Founder of Doc & Wilks, graduated high honors with an Associates Degree for Applied Science in Automotive Technology from Lakes Region Community College in 2018. He enjoys working on new vehicles but prefers older vehicles and is always willing to learn new skills too! While attending for his primary major, he also attended art focused electives, Photography and Screen Printing. He enjoys photographing nature, scenic landscapes, and static automotive scenes, but also likes capturing live events such as auto racing or other sporting events. In his free time, you’d find him hiking, canoeing, working on his vehicles or small engines in his garage, working in the woods, or photographing. He also enjoys playing video games in his free time, mostly racing or simulation games. He has built many custom computers for various personal and company uses including, video games, editing, and streaming. He is always looking for an excuse to build new computers!


Seth Marrotte, Co-Founder of Doc&Wilks, first attended college for Information Technology: Networking while working as an Information Technology Specialist at a private school in rural New Hampshire. He soon realized that his main focus is in media. He has now attending Full Sail University for a Bachelors in Digital Cinematography. He as 8 years of experience using Adobe products for productions and for the final editing processes. His focus is on films and the filmmaking process, from storyboarding to the final edits and showing of each films. He takes pride in his work and works diligently to perfect each film from beginning to end. He now has researched and developed information across all platforms of media including: Marketing, Live Multi-camera Productions, Live Streams, Graphic Design and Web Development. A hobby of his, is constantly learning and training in a flight simulator and loves to fly the Boeing 737-800 on the weekends.


Matt Oliver, Contributor of Doc & Wilks and previous Board of Director of Doc & Wilks, graduated from Saint Joseph’s College of Maine with a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. After learning about the production side of Doc and Wilks, he well invested his time and energy for the storytelling process. His unique skills of woodworking are unmatched and he continues to develop his craft in his woodshop. You can tell his very determined personality from a crowd, while being a very honest and caring individual. After a year from starting the Board of Directors of Doc & Wilks, he and the other board members agreed to change from a board to a committee. He now continues to support Doc and Wilks while he focuses on his work and spending time with his family.


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