Doc & Wilks creates and updates any type of imaging conceptually and phycologically to assure that your audience maintains additive visual attention while submitting information to the viewer. Imaging can be any title, video card, powerpoint presentations, live stream overlays and more. The Mascoma Film Society uses Doc & Wilks for all pre-show images in the theatre in the image.

Our streaming services update weekly to assure that the streamer has an up-to-date experience for the viewers to enjoy. Our imaging tells viewers of offers, updates to the stream and everything in between. We create intros/outros and current stream imaging. Graphics are created new and current. We Network and sub-contract with businesses of designers so that you can be assured, you get the best product for the low Doc and Wilks rate! We take pride in what we do whether it be in-house or contracted. We automatically search far and wide to get you the best deals for the best quality all in one place: here at Doc and Wilks.

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