Technology Outlook

Doc and Wilks integrates the technology and innovations of the future. We utilize four cameras to best capture a scene or moment. Always improving our inventory of equipment to always improve the look and feel of your movies or live event, we use two Sony DSLR’s, one Sony Handycam, and a Sony FS5k. We utilize Sigma brand lenses for the crispest scenes, and Manfrotto tripods and video heads for the smoothest actions. We use Rode microphones to capture all the sounds and to best capture the environment and feeling of each moment. We use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit and share your memories and events to their full extent. We have state of the art editing computers, both Windows PC and Macintosh operating systems. We also provide custom digital media copies in the form of DVD, Blu-Ray, and a flash drive so you can save all your memories for the future.

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